The 2023 Red Hoffman Cup Matches: Movin' to Montclair 


(February 20, 2023) The 2023 Red Hoffman Cup Finals will be held on June 10th on the two recently renovated nines (out of four) at Montclair Golf Club.  This Finals -- the Hoffman Cup's 19th -- will offer 40 of New Jersey's top pros and amateurs one of the first opportunities to compete on Montclair's beautiful renovations. 

Defending Arcola Country Club, with six Finals "W's" in the last eight years is showing no signs of letting up, with not a yawn or any other hint of distraction from its captain, Brian Celiberti. "I think we may be even stronger this year,' said Celiberti. "But, like always and for everyone, it's getting the right combination of guys to show up. It's sometimes like herding kittens."

Along those lines, this year, we are instituting a few changes. Some of you have noted that potential scheduling conflicts seem to be increasing, which raises concerns about lack of time to get matches in.  In 2023, the event will continue to expand, this year to seven weekends.  As a result, you will have more flexibility than ever to avoid opening days, aeration and other potential conflicts.  As always, we encourage our captains to open up lines of communication with their opposing leaders as soon as possible to ensure there are no unnecessary complications.

To make the Finals just a tad more dramatic, we will use Golf Genius scoring, graciously provided by the NJSGA.  On June 10th, all contestants and fans will be able to follow the Hoffman Cup Finalists' real-time scoring on their phones, on the clubhouse monitors, or wherever they can access the internet.  I see the little beads of sweat building up already!

The 2023 groupings will be sent out around March 1. First matches will be scheduled for Saturday, April 29, with Finals on Saturday, June 10 at Montclair's massively renovated 2nd and 3rd nines.  

Thank you to Montclair's membership for allowing us the opportunity to compete on its recently renovated course. June 10 will be a day to remember for 40 lucky Hoffman Cuppers! 

Below is the calendar for the 2023 Hoffman Cup Matches:

2023 Red Hoffman Cup Matches
Key Dates

 Groups Announced  Intragroup Matches Semifinals   Finals
When: March 1, 2023 When: Sat, Apr 29; Sun, Apr 30; Sat, May 6 When: Sat, Jun 3 or Sun, Jun 4 When: Sat, June 10, afternoon
Who: Your club and three others will form a single Group. Captains should start setting up matches. Who: Your club vs. one of the other three clubs in your group. Who: All group winners, minus the club with the highest point total from the Intragroup Matches which will have a bye directly to the Finals. Who: The four Semifinal match winners, plus the bye team; that is five teams.
Where: Each day, two four ball matches at home, two away. Where: Two matches home, two away (same as Intragroup Matches). Where:Montclair Golf Club 
Format: Two man four ball, match play, Nassau point sytem. Team with the overall highest point total advances directly to Finals. Format: Adjusting for the bye team: A vs. I; B vs. H, etc. Format: For each club, four, two-man teams; four ball, medal play; all four scores count; sudden death tie breaker.

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